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Igniting the potential 
you feel within you

Empowering individuals to break free from stagnation and unlock newfound confidence, clarity, and fulfillment in both their personal and professional spheres.


Science-based coaching for leaders & founders 

Supporting pro athletes & working professionals’ mental fitness

Rewiring your brain with proven processes & tools

With Mihala’s support, I've achieved goals I once thought were out of reach”

"Working on oneself is not an easy task, but Mihala's expertise, patience, and genuine care have made a significant difference. Her approach is both professional and empathetic, making it easier to confront and overcome personal obstacles. With Mihala’s support, I've achieved goals I once thought were out of reach.”

— Dona, Co-Founder @ EGN,


That voice in your head stifling you…

As a driven professional, challenges are inevitable. While your inclination is to push through, negative emotions stemming from automated patterns can leave you exhausted and stressed.


If you’ve ever felt frustrated and overwhelmed from forces in your professional life, and dissatisfied with your personal life—I completely understand you. Having been there across my life before accruing coaching skills, I’m here to be the support that can help you work through it. 

PQ - Positive Intelligence

Attentively supporting 
your outer & inner journey

Mental Performance Coaching

I'll guide you through breakthrough analysis, delving beyond surface symptoms to unearth the root causes of your struggles. Together, we'll reinforce the foundation of your happiness and success: your mental fitness.

Career Transition Coaching

When you find yourself navigating the in-between phases of life—be it a career shift or a personal transition—I’ll be by your side, helping you rediscover your purpose, gain deeper self-understanding, and find clear direction.

“Mihala played a key role in helping me establish goals”

"During my transition to a new role and industry while integrating to Switzerland, Mihala was a constant source of support. While working together on finding solutions to my challenges, she attentively listened to my concerns, and provided insightful ideas. Mihala played a key role in helping me establish goals and offered unwavering support in achieving them. Her cheerful and positive outlook were always reassuring for which I am very grateful for”

— Merve, Software Developer @ Powercoders, Zurich

The difference of science
paired with gentle guidance

Shifting you with breakthrough research

No “think your way to positivity” here. Your foundation will be built on some of the most groundbreaking research by scientists and psychologists. 

Putting you back in the driver’s seat

Unlike traditional advisors or mentors who offer predetermined paths, I'm here to collaborate with you, unlocking your inherent strengths within.

Every measure of engagement & positivity

Finding a safe haven to express thoughts without fear of judgment and receive positive support is a rarity for many. It's my joy to provide that sanctuary for you.

Profile Photo Kyma Coach Mihala

Behind Kyma Coaching

Mihala, the coach behind Kyma, came from a background of 10 years in the corporate world, preceded by years as a semi-pro athlete. Having had both feet in struggles as someone always driven to achieve more, it was the impact she felt self-development had on her life, and feeling an ignition to support people towards their own change that brought her to coaching: to support them with the nurturing, certified skills on their important journeys too.

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