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Guided, self-improvement 
For greater mental fitness 

Just like physical fitness is the gateway for your body to perform its best, a strong mental health is your gateway to success in life. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, athlete, or exec, I’ll help you identify hijacking beliefs, before supporting you through an 8-week, science-based program on Positive Intelligence, to amplify your performance and everyday calm. 

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Because happiness begins with mastery of your mind

Stop negative thinking in its tracks

Breakthrough research has shown that there are only 10 negative response factors that are run on in our minds. Simplifying things, I’ll help you identify them and discuss what to practice—for you to strengthen their counter.

Learn how to handle life's challenges better

The one key to creating shifts in your life is the power of neuroplasticity. Like your muscles, specific neurons can be literally strengthened—and through 8 weeks, you’ll be building mental muscles for positivity.

Start achieving what you’ve never imagined

With the tools and exercises to switch your brain from surviving to thriving, you’ll learn how to run your own brain—instead of reacting to the old patterns there. And as a consequence, increased performance, happiness, relationships, and fulfillment will follow.

How It Works


Let’s connect

Let’s e-meet, human to human. Tell me about where you are, what you’ve been struggling with, and then I’ll share with you a free assessment to take to get to the roots of it all.


You take a free assessment. We discuss it

Once you’ve completed the free test, we’ll have a discovery session to unravel your results. From there, I’ll share more about the Positive Intelligence program to provenly raise your mental fitness.


Kick-off the program

Structured through 8 weeks, you’ll have an app to guide you through exercises to build your self-command muscle, negative thought interceptor muscle, and sage perspective muscles.


You practice + 1:1 weekly calls

As you go through daily mental fitness reps and apply your new strengths to different areas of your life, we’ll meet weekly to discuss your progress, learnings, and insights—giving you every lift of accountability.

“Mihala has been a game-changer in my personal and professional development”

“Mihala has been a game-changer in my personal and professional development.  Her unwavering support and guidance as I transition out from an athlete career has been invaluable to my growth and each meeting leaves me feeling more empowered. 


After completing the Mental Fitness Program (PQ) with her, I've gained a profound awareness of the inner workings of my mind, transforming my perspective on motivation and the way I approach negative emotions. The significant reduction in anxiety and the newfound positive outlook have been truly life-changing. I recommend this program to anyone seeking a shift towards a more positive mindset.

— Sam, Pro Athlete Karate, Singapore


No more leaving your mental behind

Whether you feel yourself deep in a challenge or feel pulled to wanting to train your mind, let’s connect over a short call so I can understand where you are—and lay out the most scientific way to help. 

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